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Welcome to LGSA!

Livermore Girls Softball

LGSA is a fastpitch softball league for girls ages 5-18, no experience necessary.

For more information, see our frequently asked questions or email .

Register Now for Spring Rec!

Spring Registration is Open!

Registration for LGSA's Spring 2017 Recreational season is now open.

Our Spring season starts in late January and runs through May. No prior experience is necessary.

Who can play Spring Rec?
Age on Jan 1, 2017 Age Group Registration Fee
5-6 Tee Ball $225
7 7 & Under (7U) $250
8 8 & Under (8U) $250
9 9 & Under (9U) $280
10 10 & Under (10U) $280
Grades 6-8 Middle School $280
Grades 9-12 Seniors $230


Returning Players

You've already got an account in our registration system if your player participated in 2014 or later. Prior to registering, we recommend that you make sure you can still access your account. See our account help page if you need to reset your password.

Once you've logged in, click the Register Now button to get started. Registration should go quickly for you since we already have all of the information about your family members from last season. Just verify that everything is still correct and update any missing information.

New Players

Welcome! Just click the Register Now button to get started. You'll be prompted to create a family account where you give some information about yourself, then you can add another parent if you like and then your player.


Still have questions? See our frequently asked questions or email .

posted 12/04/2016
Player Evaluation Info

Player Evaluations

All players in the 8U through Middle School age groups must attend a player evaluation at Joe Michell K-8 School on January 14th or January 21st (weather permitting).

The evaluation schedules are shown below. Please refer to the date for your player's last name:

January  14, 2017
Last Names A-L
Age Group Time
Middle School 9-11am
9U 9:30-11:30am
10U 12-2pm
8U 12:30-2:30pm
Please arrive 30 minutes early to check in and warm up with a parent.


January  21, 2017
Last Names M-Z
Age Group Time
Middle School 9-11am
9U 9:30-11:30am
10U 12-2pm
8U 12:30-2:30pm
Please arrive 30 minutes early to check in and warm up with a parent.

If you want to play but haven't registered yet, you must register online -- we will not be registering players at evaluations.

Please assume that evaluations will proceed as planned unless you hear otherwise from us. We will assess the fields early each morning. Make sure to check your email before heading out.

All age groups: We will be accepting payments and birth certificate copies.

T-Ball: T-Ball players do not attend these evaluations. Girls who are six years old (as of Jan 1 2017) and have already played at least one T-Ball season are eligible to attend the 7U evaluation (see separate post for details).

7U: 7U players do not attend these evaluations unless they want to try out for 8U. To try out for 8U, you do not need to register in advance, you can just check in at the table. See above for the 8U evaluation time.

9U: No special instructions.

10U & Middle School: If your daughter wants to play catcher and has her own catcher's gear, please bring it with you.

All players attending evaluations:

  • Arrive early to check in.
  • Players should wear athletic clothing and cleats, and bring their softball gear.

Uniforms: The uniforms are the same as last Spring. We strongly recommend trying them on to verify the sizes you selected in the registration form. Samples are available at evaluations.

Playing up: If your daughter is trying out for an older age group, she must attend an evaluation for the older age group and an evaluation for her registered age group. Whether a player can move up depends on two things: there must be room in the older age group, and she must be drafted by a coach in that age group. If there's no room, or she doesn't get drafted, she will stay in her registered age group.

Q & A

We've answered a number of frequently asked questions about evaluations below.

Why is there an evaluation?
Teams in 8U and up are formed by a draft. The evaluations give the head coaches an opportunity to see the players in a few basic drills before they draft their teams.

Do we need to attend both evaluation days?
No. A player only needs to attend once.

Why are the evaluation dates split up by last name?
If all the players in an age group showed up on the same day, the evaluation would take a really long time and no one would be happy. It's better for everyone to keep the group sizes manageable.

Do we have to attend on our assigned evaluation date?
Please try to attend on your assigned date. If you absolutely cannot make it, it's OK to attend the other date instead.

What equipment is necessary for the player evaluations?
At a minimum, players should wear athletic clothes and shoes. We recommend baseball/softball pants and cleats (soccer cleats are acceptable). If she doesn't own a glove, bat, or batting helmet, she can borrow league equipment during the evaluation.

What drills will the players be asked to do?
Just the basics: running the bases, fielding grounders and fly balls, hitting and pitching. The drills will be age and skill-level appropriate.

Will players be sliding during the player evaluations?
They won't be required to slide, but they can if they want to.

What happens if we don't attend evaluations?
Your player will be placed on a waiting list. She will only be assigned to a team if we still have roster spots available in her registered age group.

Does my T-Ball/7U player need to attend?
No. You're still welcome to come by as we'll have uniform samples available, and we'll also be accepting payment for registration fees. The only reason a player who's already registered in 7U would need to attend is if she's trying out for 8U. We'll have a separate evaluation in January for six year old players who have already played a year in T-Ball and want to play in 7U.

Can I register on the day of evaluations?
No. You must register online by 6pm the night before. We will not be accepting player registrations at the evaluations.

Can my player try out for an older age group?
Yes. She must attend the evaluation for her registered age group and the evaluation for the older age group. If she doesn't get drafted onto a team in the older age group, she'll enter the draft for her registered age group. Players must check in at the desk prior to each age group evaluation.

Is this a try out? Is there a chance my player won't be placed on a team?
No, every player that attends evaluations is guaranteed a place on a team in her registered age group. It's only considered a "try out" for players hoping to play in an older age group.

What's Next?
We'll form teams in the 8U through Middle School age groups after the second day of player evaluations, and then you'll be contacted by your head coach. T-Ball and 7U teams will be formed after the older teams. Practices will start soon after the teams are formed.

Contact   if you have any questions.

Coaches Wanted

We still need head coaches in all age groups. For the 8U through Middle School age groups in particular, if we don't have enough coaches by the draft date, league representatives will draft additional teams as necessary to keep the team sizes reasonable, and the parents on these teams will have to take over. Now is the time to volunteer so that you can do your own evaluation of the players and draft the team you want. Also, if you'd like your daughter to play up an age group, coaching a team is the only way to guarantee that will happen.

posted 12/04/2016
Interleague Information

Middle School Interleague Tryouts

LGSA's Interleague division is a cooperative effort with other cities to provide Middle School players with a more competitive environment for the Spring season. Note that some travel will be required, the teams may play on Sundays, and the registration fees may be higher than in Rec.

We are holding tryouts to form two Interleague teams. Here is the tryout schedule:

  • December 3rd and December 10th, 10am (only need to attend once)
  • Check in at 9:30am
  • Joe Michell K-8 School, 1001 Elaine Avenue
  • Pitchers and catchers will try out immediately following the main tryout

The tryouts are open to all girls currently enrolled in Middle School, born in 2003-2005. (Girls born in 2006 are not eligible to try out for Interleague. We mistakenly included this year in a previous announcement.)

Please register ahead of time for Spring Middle School Rec. Any fees paid will be applied to Interleague registration if your player makes one of the Interleague teams.

Players selected for an Interleague team will not play in Spring Rec but they are still eligible to try out for the "B" or "C" summer travel teams.

Players who are not interested in playing Interleague should not attend these tryouts. Player evaluations for Rec teams will take place in January.

If you have any questions please feel free to email .

posted 11/15/2016
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