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Players of the Week

2014 Spring Recreational Season

Week 1

Harper Hopcus (T-Ball): "For her first ever game, she hit three balls to the outfield, fielded seven ground balls as the pitcher in one inning and had 2 put outs!"

Tori Thorvund (8U): "In the last two games, Tori had four hits, a strike out in one inning of pitching, two good innings of catching, a tag out at 2nd and overall good sportsmanship."


Week 2

Jocelyn Sosa (T-Ball): "First year player Jocelyn had a great week. She hit three innings off coach's pitch, all to the the outfield. On defense she had a forced out at 3rd base, hustled from center field to make an out at 2nd base and did very well for her first time playing 1st base. Jocelyn always has a great attitude, carries a smile on her face and is a great team player."

Makenna Smith (8U): "Makenna is a dedicated player who puts 100% effort into practice and games. This past week, Makenna pitched five strike outs, assisted with 3 outs at first base and made an out by catching a pop fly. Makenna also excelled at bat getting on base 3 of her 4 at bats. While Makenna is waiting to hit, she leads her teammates with cheers to root them on to do their best."


Week 3

Makena Wilhoit (T-Ball): "Makena had a breakout week, going from timid first year player to a monster both behind and at the plate. Makena reached base all six times she was at bat, including a shot up the third base line. She also had a tremendous day behind the plate, chasing down pitches and tagging out 3 runners at home, including an unassisted tagout."

Reagan Wolf (8U): "Reagan went a perfect 5 for 5 at the plate this week with one of her hits going for a double. In Saturday's game, she personally made 3 outs, threw out a player at second base, and did an outstanding job at catcher."


Week 4

Jayden Morton (8U)"Jayden has been a great teammate and player this season. Last week, she pitched four innings and struck out eight with no coach pitch! On defense, she made a play at shortstop and threw to third base for an out. At the plate, Jayden had four nice hits."
Keana Castro (10U)"During Keana's three innings of pitching, she struck out 8 of the 17 batters she faced. She only gave up six hits and only allowed five runs to score. On offense, Keana went 3 for 3, with two doubles, one single, three stolen bases, and two RBIs in a winning effort."

Week 5

Olivia Booth (8U): "Olivia had a fantastic week of softball. She listens intently at practices and is able to apply what she has learned during the games. She is able to combine precision hand-eye coordination and a fluid swing to consistently rip ground balls through the infield. On defense her glove acts like a magnet for the ball. On Saturday, Olivia delivered the play of the year when she caught a hard hit ball headed for right field, and instinctively threw the ball to first base to turn the double play. Olivia's hard work and team building skills will ensure many successful years to come. Great job Olivia!"

Melissa MacDonell (10U): "Melissa went 3 for 3 during the week and had one base on balls for 100% on base percentage, scored twice and hit her second homerun in the last three games. Both home runs were monster shots. She pitched the final inning on Saturday while facing 5 batters, striking out 2 and giving up one run for the victory. She also continues to do an outstanding job as our catcher."


Week 6

Sarah Pogue (T-Ball): "Sarah started the season late but has come a long way ever since. Sarah is a very sweet girl, always with a smile on her face. Sarah has made great effort all season to learn the game and positions of softball. She had a stellar practice that lead her to hit off coach pitch all three innings this week. She had 2 key defensive plays while at pitcher keeping runners to a single. Sarah gives her best whenever she is at bat or fielding the ball. She listens and learns from each play and always tries to do her best on the next play. Sarah may be our youngest player, but she plays with the biggest heart."

Laen Ongiil (10U):"Laen recorded 10 strikeouts in 4 1/3 innings of pitching, helping her team to two victories this past week. On offense she stole home and hit a grand slam."

Week 7

Bella Barlow (T-Ball): "Bella has always been strong at the plate and solid in the field, but last week she put it on display. She made three unassisted outs at third, two at first, and a rare 6-5 tag out. At the plate in Tuesday's game, she sent three balls into the outfield, including a last at bat home run where she crossed the plate before the ball made it to the catcher. This Patriette is ready for the next level."

Isabella Tennyson (8U): "Bella is full of softball spirit! She has led the chants and cheers in the dugout all year, and this was her break out week where her performance matched her enthusiasm. She went 6 for 6 at the plate, with one of those at bats being our team's first bunt of the season. In conjunction with the at bat, she had a close play at third base where she slid to avoid a game ending out, and eventually went on to score a pivotal run. On defense she had two clean stops at second base followed with on target throws to first base. Lastly, her softball IQ is blossoming as she was able to backup first base while playing right field. Her hustle mixed with softball readiness allowed her to stop an overthrown ball and advancing runners."

Rachel Stafford (10U): "Rachel has yet to strike out this year. She went 5 for 5 at the plate with 4 RBI's and 5 runs scored this past week. Rachel also pitched two strong innings and was part of a double play defensively. Rachel always comes ready to play and I am excited to see where she goes in softball."


Week 8

Cassidy Winter (T-Ball): "Cassidy is one determined player. From the start of the season, Cassidy had one of the best swings on the team. This pint sized "Splendid Splinter" kept her eye on the ball, pivoted her back foot and had a smooth, level swing. The only problem is that she rarely connected. This all changed last week, as Cassidy found her timing (rumor has it she worked with her brother in the backyard) and was not only connecting but sending balls into the outfield down the third base line. She never lost hope or her perma smile (which is on display as she tags runners out at home) and is pumped up to play out the second half of the season."

Week 9

Lillian Speckenheuer (T-Ball): "Lily has elevated her play these past weeks. She is enthusiastic and eager to learn during practices, always with a smile on her face. She stays on point at each position and her focus allowed her two earned outs, several key stops and she hit 2 doubles and 4 singles over this past week. Most importantly, she is having fun out there supporting and encouraging her teammates. I'm delighted to have her as a Raspberry Rocket."

Alyssa Avila (8U): "Alyssa dominates as my catcher. She thrives playing in the position and gives 100% effort. This week Alyssa hustled on the field and caught 3 foul balls for 3 outs. She was also strong at bat getting on base 4 out of 5 at bats. Alyssa is always willing to play any position I put her in, warms the pitchers up in between innings and cheers on her teammates. Alyssa is an absolute pleasure to have on my team and with continued dedication she will grow to be an amazing catcher as she advances."

Jackie Urban (10U): "In 3 games last week, Jax went 4 for 4 at the plate, scored 6 times, had 3 RBI's and walked 4 times. She also played some stellar defense, including catcher, where she continues to improve everyday. Jax is a leader on our team and has a bright future."

Week 10

Devyn George (T-Ball): "Devyn has turned it on the second of this half of this season. She is a first year player who has really made an effort to learn the game and follow through on each instruction given. Devyn hustled every play and was always ready for the ball. She played all infield positions perfectly, earning 5 outs including 2 tag outs. On offense, she earned three doubles and four singles. In addition, she cheers her teammates on and expresses her gratitude to all the coaches all the time. She is a natural athlete, with a caring heart and a love of the game. I'm very proud and grateful to have her on my team."

Rhiannon San Miguel (8U): "Rhiannon had an awesome season and is a leader on the field. From pitching to batting to fielding, she has excelled on all levels. In the last two games of the season, Rhiannon went 6 for 6 and had a 2-run home run with a ball that was hit so hard it rolled all the way to the T-Ball field. She made an excellent play from shortstop by stopping a line drive which she almost caught but recovered quickly and threw all the way to first base to get the runner out. Rhiannon has a strong arm and can throw precisely to her target. She has great instinct and loves playing softball. Rhiannon is a gamer and can't wait to show her skills in 10U next year.  Good job Rhiannon, we're proud of you!"

Coreen Brogan (10U): "Coreen is one of four rookies on the Red Bandits. Coreen has made great strides over the course of the season. This week in three games played, it all came together for her and she went on a tear! She went 5 for 5, had a base on balls for 100% on base percentage and scored 3 times. She finished as our top rookie with a .385 batting average and .529 on base percentage for the entire season. She is a pleasure to have on the team and a true example if you work hard, good results will come of it. Very proud of you Coreen!"