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2015 Spring Recreational Season

Week 9

Kiley Feltham-Johnson (T-Ball): "Because of Kiley's dedication to practicing on our off days, her offensive and defensive skills greatly improved throughout the season. During our last five games she scored multiple doubles while up to bat, and she ran after the ball to assist and personally achieve multiple outs at first and second base. Kiley likes to cheer her teammates on, and she also makes it a point to start the cheers herself. Kiley was a key player on our team this year, and I can't wait to see what she accomplishes next season."

Allison Johnson (8U): "Allison Johnson has been an absolute JOY to coach this season. This year was her first season playing an organized sport and she was an incredible asset to the team. Allison is a natural leader through her words and her actions. She does all the little things that you want as a coach. Hustle, positive attitude, coachable, open heart, willingness to improve and great spirit. Allison improved her catching, fielding and hitting each and every week. Always smiling and always sharing words of encouragement for others. Allison was selected player of the game for her excellent hustle in the field and back up of teammates. She also had a huge hit in the game (single) one of her best of the season, in a game in which few hits were registered."


Week 8

Dylan Baranowski (T-Ball): "Dylan is a consistently good ball player. She had a great week. She was 3 for 3 at bat with a double and 2 singles. She also got 2 players out at third base. Dylan has lots of energy and loves to cheer her team on. She's a good sport and has been great about moving around the field learning different positions. Keep up the good work Dylan!! Can't wait for next season!"

Tianna Blair (T-Ball): "Tianna is the fastest runner on our team. This week she assisted with our team's first double play. Tianna also impressed me this week when she quickly recovered from a fall while playing first base. She didn't even let it faze her. Besides being awesome at fielding, Tianna knows how to smack the ball, and she seldom gets put out because of her speed. Tianna is a key player on our team, and I can always count on to try her best."

Sofia Melissare (7U): "Sofia has always had her nose in the game but this last week she really broke through to the next level. At the plate Sofia went 5 for 6 and scored three runs. Her glove in the field has been exceptional — stopping seven balls in the last two games. She also found her speed on the base paths and her voice in the field as she takes command of the infield by calling out the number of outs and where the next play is. Sofia has missed just one practice all season (flu) and she is one of the most well rounded players on the team. It’s becoming more and more obvious that Sofia loves softball."

Isabella Amerie (9U): "As a first year player, Isabella has made strides as a player. She is on time to games and practices and puts in effort. Isabella has worked hard to become a pretty solid 3rd basemen. Her hitting has also greatly improved. What separates Isabella the most is her attitude. She stays positive and always looks for the good out of any situation. Isabella always has fun playing and keeps a smile on her face. Isabella deserves to be player of the week for her hard work, dedication and positive attitude."

Lilly Menges (9U): "Lilly has slowly broken out of her shell and has become an amazing player for the Blue Bandits. At last Saturday's game she hit a grand slam and had three unassisted outs. Her prior game Lilly had 2 hits including a double. She has great team spirit and is always rooting on her teammates."

Zoey Figlenski (MS): "Zoey had a couple of key hits and multiple RBIs in the Mambaz big win last week. In addition to her contributions at the plate Zoey stepped up for the team when they needed her, and played first base, a position she's not played at any practices/games all season. Zoey brings a fantastic spirit with her to the diamond for each practice/game. She's a real leader on the team, and her teammates really respond to her effort and excitement."

Brianna Arguello (MS): "Briana has been a staple to the team. She leads the team, OBP, Batting Average, and Extra base hits. She has been a wall behind the dish. She has thrown out on average of 2 runners in every game. She has also pitched stellar this season with a number of strikeouts. Briana has been a good motivator for the team and is always willing to do whatever it takes for the team."


Week 7

Calianna Confenti (T-Ball): "Cali is an amazing ball player with lots of drive for perfection. She has one of the longest throwing arms on our team, and she really knows how to pound the ball when she is up to bat. Cali also impresses me with her team spirit. I've seen her help the catcher get out of her gear on many occasions, and she also gives hugs to teammates that are feeling down. The Butterflies are lucky to have this talented superstar as a teammate."

Lauren Armanino (7U): "This is Lauren's first year of softball, but with the passion she shows you'd think she's played for years! Her hard work and determination have turned her into a great little player! She has had multiple outs at 2nd base, always charging the ball, and hustling back to the base to beat the runner. She is one of our better catchers, stopping balls before they go past her or hustling after them if they do. Regardless of where I put her she tries her best and is determined to get the out. Watch out if she doesn't get the out because she comes back full throttle to get the next one! Lauren has continued to get more aggressive at bat, getting herself on base almost every time. Not only is Lauren a great player, but she is a great teammate encouraging others and leading cheers. I know her future in softball will be a success! Keep up the hard work Lauren!"

Victoria Whitelock (8U): "Victoria may be little, but she has a lot of heart and love for the game! Victoria always has a smile on her face and has fun whether it is practice or a game. Victoria has had some great outings as pitcher this season, but this week she showed her skill in fielding. She had multiple stops on hard hit balls and was responsible for outs at 1st and 3rd. Victoria is always alert in the field and knows where the ball should go. Great job Victoria!"

London Moody (9U): "This is London's first year playing softball. She has really caught on quickly. She plays the game at 100 mph with a lot of passion. She is always aggressive at the plate! She has been a top hitter for the Pink Ladies. Also, her play at third base has been stellar. Last week she threw 4 people out from 3rd base..... Which is impressive in the 9U division. She is a team player and always has a smile on her face. London has earned player of the week for her immense improvement as a first year player and for being a huge contributor to the Pink Ladies success this season!!!!"

Lexi Stranutu (10U): "Lexi is new to softball this year, and being the athlete she is, has really embraced this sport! She is definitely our most improved player this season, and is learning and improving every game. This past week she had two great games. She went 2 for 3 with 2 RBIs and had some big defensive plays in the field. We are so glad Lexi decided to try softball this year! She has been a great addition to the team, always has a smile on her face, and gives it her all in every game! Great job Lexi!"

Amanda Ludwig (MS): "Amanda had an awesome game last week. She went 4-6, had 5 RBI's and was awesome on defense. She always comes ready to play. She is the first to arrive for warm ups. She always gives 100%. She is always cheering for each of her teammates. She gets the dugout going!!! She loves the game and you can see the passion when she plays! Good job, Amanda!! Your coaches and teammates are proud of you!!"


Week 6

Claire Yoder (T-Ball): "Claire always shows up with a smile on her face. She gives 100% effort while fielding and hitting. She has greatly improved her offensive and defensive skills throughout the season because she practices at home. She has a true love for the game, and we are very lucky to have her on our team!"

Brianna Harvey (7U): "Brianna Harvey had a tremendous week for the Patriettes and earned her first game ball in the process! Brianna went 3 for 3 at the plate, including beating out a well played ball at first. It pays to run through the bag! In the same game, she turned on the defense with 3 outs at first (two of which were unassisted) and pitched well to close the game out. This is Brianna's first year in softball and she seems to get better every game."

Saida Skeen (8U): "Saida Skeen undoubtedly has been our most improved player this season. Saida is an excellent leader on our team. She is tough, quiet, selfless, and works incredibly hard. In our last game, she did a DYNAMITE job pitching. In the field she dove for balls, halting the advancement of pressing base runners. At the plate, she went 2 for 2 with a HOME RUN. Saida is a wonderful teammate! We are so proud of her and lucky to have her on the team."

Megan Teczon (9U): "This is Megan's first year in the league. She arrives early for every practice, practices very hard, cheers on her teammates, and has a really great attitude. She has proven herself to be a competent hitter, fielder, and pitcher. Most importantly she is really a great team player."

Lexi Sosine (10U): "I started coaching Lexi last year, her rookie season, and it has been fun & satisfying to watch her develop as a player. This past week, Lexi showed us how all her hard work has paid off. By far, she had the best week of her career. She went 3 for 4, with a double, a couple singles and a couple walks. She had several RBI's and scored a couple times as well. What has been more impressive is her base running and field play. Her confidence in her abilities just shows through the way she slides and the way she aggressively runs the bases now. In the outfield she tracks everything down with her speed. For the first time in her career, we had her play first base and she had several outstanding defensive plays. But what really sets Lexi apart is her positive, happy go lucky personality, and smile she brings to every practice and game. Lexi, you had a great week and congratulations!"

Brooke Bowles (MS): "Brooke had a couple of great hits for the Mambaz last week, and played some stellar defense in the field and behind the plate. Brooke shows a tremendous amount of effort along with a great attitude each and every time she shows up to play softball. She's a great competitor, teammate, and an example for all the girls."


Week 5

Zoey Weed (T-Ball): "Zoey did a great job on Saturday's game. She was 3 for 3 at bat with 3 singles. She also did great in the field, stopping every ball that came her way. Zoey really stood out and played well even after a week without any games or practice. She was the first one on the field every inning ready to go... Zoey is a great kid and always has a smile on her face. I can always count on her to listen to direction and try her best. Keep it up Zoey!!"

Jordynn Booe (7U): "In 3 games this week, Jordynn was 8 for 8 with 2 hard hit doubles! She was also able to record 3 consecutive strikeouts with this being only her 4th time pitching this season. Jordynn has taken the time and made the effort to improve her skills week after week and her pitching performance just showed how hard work does payoff. We are very proud of you Jordynn!"

Alexis Traynor (8U): "Alexis is very high energy and it definitely motivates the entire team during our games. Alexis is always cheering for her team while up to bat and when in the field. During this past week's games, Alexis went 2-4, with a single and RBI. But what is impressive to me, is that the 2 hits were off the player pitcher. Alexis also made an incredible play during one game, when she fielded a hard hit ground ball to her left and threw the runner out at first base. It is a pleasure to coach Alexis and I hope she continues to excel in softball!"

Caylie Natsch (9U): "Caylie has been a great player for the Pink Ladies. She always comes to practice & games with a smile on her face. Her hitting has really improved over the course of the season. Her biggest strength is her pitching. She takes the mound with a quiet confidence. She has pitched numerous 1,2,3 & shut out innings this year, leading her team to victory. She works hard & always cheers on her teammates. She is a TRUE team player. Caylie has earned player of the week for her continued dedication to the Pink Ladies all season long !!!"

Kate Hankins (10U): "In our only game this week, Kate went 2 for 2 with 2 singles, and an RBI, later crossing home for another run. But her excellent hitting isn't the reason for this nomination. Kate is usually our starting pitcher. She didn't feel quite up to pitching that day, so the coach used two of our other pitchers that day. As always, I was amazed by her cheerful disposition, contagious positive attitude, and her genuine support of the other pitchers on the team. She cheered and encouraged the other two pitchers with sincere praise, and on more than one occasion ran over from first to give the pitcher a hug after a strike out. Her positive attitude is such an asset to our team!"

Jessica Akins (MS): "This is Jessica's first year ever playing softball. She was timid and nervous when she showed up for her first practice. She was eager to learn, too. She listened to everything her coaches said, and followed through with everything they asked her to do. It just seemed to click with her. Now, she catches fly balls and picks up grounders like a veteran. There is one play that sticks out though. She was playing center field and a line drive was hit out to her. It dropped in front of her and she picked it up without even thinking and threw it to second base, getting the runner out! All her hard work had paid off!! Congrats, Jessica!! Your teammates are very proud of you, as well as your coaches!!"


Week 4

Anna Yoder (T-Ball): "From the beginning of the season Anna showed up eager to learn. She follows directions during practice and then puts whatever she learned into action during our games. She is our leading first baseman and sets a good example of how the position should be played. She is a leader on our team and her sportsmanship is stellar. I always hear her cheering her teammates on and she plays whatever position we need her to without a second thought. It's awesome to see this young girl blossom into a talented softball player."

Madison Trindade (7U): "Madison is an overall great player and softball seems to come natural to her. She has taken on pitching and has progressed very nicely. She had a stellar game Monday night with a 2-2 at bat, a strike out at the mound, and ended the game with a double play! We had 1 out and she snagged a pop fly and ran back to first base where she got the runner out who didn't tag up. Outstanding job Madison! Keep up the hard work!"

Hailee Letteer (8U): "Hailee Letteer was an offensive and defensive star this week for the Diamond Divas. The first couple of games, Hailee was finding her way at the plate and in the field. The last two weeks, Hailee has been a great leader on the field and in the dugout. In each game, Hailee got hits off of the opposing team's pitcher and made outstanding defensive plays in the field, including her awesome defensive 6-4 putout on a hard hit grounder. In the dugout, Hailee is the first to start cheers and provide encouragement to her teammates. Hailee is a rock star and we are lucky to have her as a Diamond Diva! Great Job Hailee!"

Camryn Clendenen (9U): "Camryn's game has improved greatly this year. This week Camryn played 3rd base knocking down several balls and even taking a hit by one. Camryn stayed with the ball and finished the play despite the sting of the ball. She played catcher as well and has improved in her quick response to wild pitches. Camryn's hitting continues to improve as well. Camryn is also a cheerleader for our team and keeps everyone in good spirits. Camryn deserves player of the week for her dedication and enthusiasm for the game."

Jenn Morrison (10U): "Jenn is a terrific all around player with a strong drive, competitive spirit and a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for the game of softball! She is all about "the team" and gives it everything she has to help the team play the best game possible every time. Jenn really surprised us with her pitching skills, and has become our main starter! In the last 2 games, she really shined! She went 2 for 4 which resulted in a Home Run and 2 RBI's!! She also pitched 6 strong innings, and got a solid throw-out from 3rd that saved a run from scoring. Jenn puts her whole heart into the game, and we enjoy seeing her skills improve each week. We're so happy to have her on our team, and cannot wait to see what she does next!"

Audrey Demarest (MS): "Audrey has been playing with a positive attitude all season! She hasn't missed a practice or a game, and has made excellent defensive strides in every game. At Saturday's game she was rewarded with her first solid single of the season hitting 2 RBI's in. As a coach I am extremely honored to witness her growth."


Week 3

Madison Boutwell (T-Ball): "In our game this week Madison caught 2 pop flies on defense, and in her 3 at bats, she hit the first pitch every time with power. Two of the hits went into the outfield for doubles. Madison plays hard no matter what position she plays and has excellent sportsmanship."

Madden Black (7U): "Madden was 2 for 2 at bat this week with a single and a double. She also earned an out in the field! Madden has been playing great softball all season."

McKenzie Wisely (8U): "McKenzie has done an incredible job this year for the Dolphins. She is dedicated, shows up to every practice and does a wonderful job backing up her teammates. The highlight of last week for McKenzie was the phenomenal double play she turned from the short stop position. She snagged a line drive that was screaming her way, caught the ball and threw it to first base to double up the runner who had not tagged up. In two games she went 4-4 and had multiple strike outs from the pitching position."

Makenna Smith (9U): "Makenna had an amazing week at the rubber striking out 6 batters and making 3 outs at first after fielding the ball. She also played catcher this week and did a great job knocking balls down and blocking them from getting by her. At the plate Makenna hit 3 singles, a triple and got a walk. Makenna leads her team in the dug out with cheers and sets a great example for her teammates. She keeps a positive attitude and always tries her hardest."

Jorja Burbano (10U): "Jorja has had an amazing season so far. She is a talented player that shows strength in hitting, as well as several field positions including catcher, outfield, and 3rd base. She always has a positive attitude and great team spirit. In our two games this weekend, she was 3 for 4 at bat which also resulted in 3 RBIs! In the field, she threw a runner out at home and got a runner out while stealing due to her quick thinking and strong arm! We are lucky to have Jorja as part of our team and our very proud of what she has accomplished so far!"


Week 2

Morgan Wood (T-Ball): "Morgan did awesome this past week. Before the game on Thursday Morgan was hit with the softball. I was worried she was going to be afraid to play that day. She played in the pitcher's position the first 2 inning and did great. She wasn't afraid, got in front of every ball and never let one pass her by. Morgan is one of my youngest players. It makes me so happy to see how she is improving and how brave she can be. Way to go Morgan!"

Mackenzie Dodd (7U): "Mackenzie is the youngest on the team but a little fireball. Her determination allows her to play any position on the field and she puts 100% in each time. Last week she was 2 for 2 at bat, getting on base each time. While trying pitching for the first time, she was able to field a grounder and beat a runner to home plate for an out. She is also our most aggressive catcher behind the plate, stopping balls and hustling to get it back to the pitcher. Keep up the hard work Mackenzie."

Sydney Aguilar (8U): "Sydney is a great example of a team leader. She is always leading dugout cheers, hustles on the field, back to the dugout, and is a great listener. She is a great motivator to rest of the team. This week she pitched 3 strikeouts, hit 2 balls off a player pitcher, made 3 defensive outs, and assisted in 2 defensive outs. She is definitely a star on our team and continues to challenge herself."

Dylan Plummer (9U): "This is Dylan's first year playing softball. Since our first practice Dylan has made a lot of progress. Dylan shows up early for every practice and gives 100% effort. She listens to her coaches and she keeps a positive attitude. Aside from practicing with our team Dylan puts in practice with her sister at home. She has truly dedicated herself and is striving to get better. This week as she went up to bat, I asked Dylan if she was going to get a hit. She said she was going to try to. I told her the answer is 'yes, I'm going to get a hit'. Dylan said it, and took her up at bat. On the first pitch Dylan got an RBI with a solid hit down the first base line. Dylan is also doing a great job in the field. She has a great arm and she even helped us out at catcher this week. I am very proud of Dylan and her attitude!"

Jordan Duarte (10U): "Jordan not only works hard and attends every practice, but took on team leadership without being asked. She encourages the girls to cheer each other on and is always leading the girls in stretches, drills, and cheers. Jordan also pitched 3 of the 4 innings played on 3/14, throwing 9 strike outs and holding the opposing team to only 1 run. In the 4th inning, she played 3rd base assisting in 2 ground outs. For the game, Jordan was involved in 11 of the 12 outs. Jordan also recently reached a pitching speed of 40 mph! Jordan continues to be a leader of our team and motivates our girls to stay focused and play hard, all while having fun. I am proud to have Jordan part of my team and look forward to watching her grow the rest of the season."


Week 1

Makena Wilhoit (T-Ball): "Makena always gives 100% no matter what she's doing. She is willing to play whatever position we need her to, always listens to instructions, always shows up ready to play ball, always puts her best foot forward, she helps other teammates out when they need it, and she always has a smile on her face. When she was accidentally hit with a ball at practice she didn't let that stop her from participating."

Kaitlyn Denton (7U): "Kaitlyn went 2 for 2 at the plate with solid hits and scored the Patriettes' first run of the year with her blazing speed. Kaitlyn also played two innings at first where she made an unassisted out. This 6-year old made a loud statement that she belongs in 7U!"

Delilah VanderBeek (8U): "Delilah had three hits in the opening week of the season, including a three run homer! She pitched four innings with five strikeouts, plus made three nice defensive plays. Great job Delilah!"

Victoria Pelas (9U): "Victoria is very dedicated to her team and the sport of softball. She is early to practice and practices every task with great energy and devotion. Her last game Victoria pitched 2 scoreless innings and went 2 for 2."

Lindsey Wilson (10U): "Lindsey had a very special week! She went 4 for 6, with 3 home runs and a double, with 10 RBI's. Her first home was a grand slam and the game winning hit for the Wednesday's game. On Saturday, she had back to back home runs and a double. Her second home run was the game winning hit as well. In addition, she pitched two scoreless innings over the week and had several excellent plays in the field. Very nice job young lady!"

Avery Morris (MS): "Avery had a fantastic week at both the plate and on the mound. She had multiple hits, including a home run in each of the games this week. On Saturday, she started the game strong on the mound recording multiple strikeouts, and also came back in relief late in the game when the game went into the 6th and 7th innings. On Monday, she came back and threw two strong innings of relief."