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Background Checks


For the safety of our players, LGSA requires a background check for every team volunteer that helps out on the field or in the dugout, including:

  • Head coaches
  • Assistant coaches
  • Practice assistants
  • Dugout moms

LGSA uses USA Softball to conduct these background checks. All applicants must complete an online background check while registering as a manager/coach or as a team volunteer.

What information is collected?

You will be asked for the following information when registering as a volunteer on the LGSA website:

  • Drivers License State
  • Date of birth
  • Legal name used in the past five years
  • Addresses used in the past five years
  • Daytime phone number
  • Email address

This will allow LGSA to register you with USA Softball. You will then be sent a link from USA Softball to complete and pay for the background  check..

Please note that USA Softball collects this information and does not share it with LGSA officials.

League Policies

Volunteers who help in the dug out or on the field (dug out parents, head coaches, assistant coaches) must wear league-supplied lanyards with valid ID cards during all games.

The league does not issue lanyards and ID cards to all registered volunteers. Instead, the head coach must advise the parents to register on the website, and once regsitration is complete with USA Softball, an ID badge will be mailed to your home address directly from USA Softball.

The USA Softball background check is $10 and good for the entire calendar year.

Registration tips

To get started:

  1. First you'll need an LGSA account in your name. If you have a player in the league, you or your spouse should already have an account. See Account Help for tips on logging into your account. If you don't have a player in the league and need an account, you'll be able to create one during registration.
  2. If you've already logged into your account, review your information and make sure that your birthdate is present and correct. You can access your account by clicking on the "Edit My Account" button to the left of the page.
  3. Go to the Registration page and scroll down to find the right program.
  4. Click the Continue button and log into your LGSA account if necessary.
  5. Click on the Register button next to your name. If instead the system says you're "Ineligible", it's probably because your birthdate is missing or incorrect.
  6. Verify your account information one more time and click Submit.
  7. Click Continue to start the background check on NCSI's site.
  8. IMPORTANT: The background check is only the first step of the online application process. You will see the following page once you have finished the background check questionnaire:

It is very important that you click the indicated button to return to the LGSA website and complete your application.

If you have any questions or concerns about the background check process, please contact .